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Why youtube views help promote your business?

Youtube is one of the best ways to leverage your marketing efforts. The world’s second largest search engine is You tube and not Yahoo or Bing. Google gives an unfair advantage to you tube and if there is no video for a keyword on the first page of Google, you can make one, get some views and get it ranked easily. I have tried this first hand myself and ranked videos in the CPA niche.
To say it’s like taking a candy from a child would be an understatement.It is very easy to rank videos. You tube is one big game changer.
Now let us come to the point where we discuss how we can rank our videos on you tube.
The first step to making money from You Tube is to realize that we need buyer rich keywords and we need buyers who are interested in buying.
The video itself need not be stupendous but you need to make sure that the video provides information that people are looking for. It does need to satisfy curiosity.
Next you would need a ton of likes, views and clicks to get the video ranked on You tube. There are several services that you can use for this but I would suggest that you buy youtube views from here.
We provide legitimate views for the video and no bots are used.
Other than this you also need to make sure that you have the appropriate keywords in the description, in the title tag of the video and also you need to repeat the keywords twice in the description.
Even after doing all this there is a possibility that your video may not give you any sales.
The reason for this is that you are not telling people what to do. There are no call to action buttons in the video. You can however solve this problem quite easily.
There is a feature called annotations in You tube video editor. Add annotations as per your need and desire in your videos.
Let’s have a recap of what I talked about:
1. Find a good keyword, proper niche selection is a must.
2. Once done make a video that solves the basic wants of your audience.
3. To get a video ranked you need likes, views and comments.
4. Do not forget to optimize your video with keywords in the title, description and repeat the keywords.
5. Build some links to it with some backlinking service or build a few social bookmarks.
6. Put clear calls to action.
7. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work
The reason why we are concentrating on videos is because it’s much easier to put up a video than setting up an affiliate site for the same. Given the time and effort and money required for hosting a small site, not to mention the amount of SEO that needs to be done to finally getting it ranked, using Youtube is far easier and you can also test the desired market in a few days with it.
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